Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc Vodka

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CÃŽROC vodka is an ultra-premium vodka made from fine French grapes. The CÃŽROC distillation process begins with fine French grapes harvested in Southern France which create the wine distillate.

The grape distillate then undergoes advanced column distillation to create a grape-neutral spirit of supreme quality. The fifth distillation takes place in custom-made copper pot stills at the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux in Southern France, under the direction of the Master Distiller. This delivers the CÃŽROC signature: a distinctive character with an exceptionally fresh and vibrant taste.

A citrus and fragrant experience that is clean and lively but soft to the nose. Drinks very well straight, with an appealing smooth texture. Subtle, but clear lime notes complement the fragrant experience. Smooth, silky and almost oily on the palate which balances well with the fresh character of citrus and lime. A hint of sweetness. Equally well resolved: fresh tones with a smooth velvety finish. A drink to sip and savour.


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