Flora and Fauna Whisky Collection - Auchroisk 10 Years Old

Flora and Fauna Whisky Collection - Auchroisk 10 Years Old

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Founded in 1974, Auchroisk, meaning “Ford of the Red Stream” in Gaelic, refers to the Mulben Burn from which the distillery draws its cooling water. However, the principle reason for the siting of the distillery is Dories Well, an abundant source of soft, pure springwater. Through the smoke and nutty sweetness, comes the unmistakable feel of Dories silky water, followed by a dry, well-balanced finish.

An apéritif malt whisky, pleasant and light, which opens sweet, fresh and balanced then dries to a short finish. Doughy and buttery on the palate. This textured single malt whisky displays hints of lemon and pineapple with a slight aniseed and smoky finish.

ABV: 43%
Region: Speyside
Nose: A mild nose for its strength. Sweet and fresh. Ground almonds are immediately apparent, even dry marzipan.
Body: Smooth, with a light to medium body. 
Palate: Light and fresh; pleasant mouthfeel. Sweetish start, some acidity.
Finish: Surprisingly dry, fairly short – all well balanced.


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