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Moët & Chandon Mini Moët Impérial End of Year 2023 Limited Edition (20cl) 6 bottles Pack 200ml

Moët & Chandon Mini Moët Impérial End of Year 2023 Limited Edition (20cl) 6 bottles Pack 200ml

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The limited-edition gift box includes six miniature bottles plus a set of accompanying branded flutes, which slot directly into the neck of each bottle. It not only looks great, with its attractive gold and cream celebratory packaging, but it also does away with having to dig around for extra champagne glasses on the night.


Service temperature - 8-10°C
Storage advice - Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C), dark place, and away from vibrations and light
Closure - Cork
Health warning - Contains sulphites
Alcohol by volume - 212.0%
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Appearance: Golden straw yellow with green highlights.

Aroma: A sparkling nose with tangy intensity of green apple and citrus fruit, the freshness of mineral nuances and white flowers and the elegance of blond mature notes: brioche, cereals, fresh nuts.

Taste: A palate combining generosity and subtlety. The delicious generosity of white fruits (pear, peach, apple). The alluring caress of fine bubbles and the soft vivacity of citrus fruit and gooseberry nuances.


For a perfect tasting experience, Moët & Chandon suggests to pair Moët Impérial with the following dishes: as a starter, serve delicate seafood such as prawn, crab or scallops, as an entrée, serve poached fish, such as sea bass, in light sauces, or chicken poached with herbs such as tarragon or thyme, as a dessert, pair it with a white peach tart, poached pears or roasted apples


Epernay, Champagne France